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Accessible, intuitive and fun: Wipop is Usbepower’s new concept. No wire, no stress but with a lot of style, Wipop brings a spirit of Pop and Fashion to technology, making wireless a new field for creativity. Pushing the limits of innovation while reinterpreting the codes of fashion and art, Wipop gives you fun, high-performance and unique charging objects and turns wireless into a way of life.


Wireless is fun

Usbepower transforms charging devices from simple accessories into innovative design objects. It’s an approach that combines functionality and aestheticism. Inspired by a deep reflection on the role of technology in our lives, Usbepower creates iconic charging devices with clean and pragmatic design. Genuine manufacturer of chic objects that are technologically on-point, Usbepower combines design, industrial expertise and a keen eye for detail.

Creating technology products requires a focus on details. Usbepower has become a name in sophisticated accessories with high speed charging technology. The company has developed cross-cutting knowledge and skills through its innovative design studio and R&D lab. With in-house conception design and production management, Usbepower creates objects that are beautiful, powerful and unique. Powered by its creative energy and drive to innovate, the brand is continuously pushing itself to find new designs and uses for its dynamic charging technology.

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