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The coolest keyring charger

Keychain with colorful prints, KEYWI gives your smartphone and AirPods an extra boost in just a few minutes. True backup battery available in more than a hundred patterns inspired by Pop Art, fashion and design.

KEYWI, keyring portable wireless charger

Wireless is fun

No wire, no stress but with a lot of style, Wipop brings a spirit of Pop and Fashion to technology, making wireless a new field for creativity. Pushing the limits of innovation while reinterpreting the codes of fashion and art, Wipop gives you fun, high-performance and unique charging objects and turns wireless into a way of life.

Genius accessories for a perfect style

KEYWI has been created to become a Wearable fashion accessory that will transform the most basic outfit into a cooler and outstanding look. Gain confidence and originality by hanging KEYWI to your jeans or pants. Take your style to a next level with your mini battery.

Fun & functionality

Born from a strong desire to meet functionality and colorful design, the Super Fun collection allows you to stick your phone to your KEYWI through smart suction cups. Available in four colors, you can now charge your smartphone on the go wirelessly.

KEYWI one, keyring portable wireless charger

Joyful charging accessories

Wipop is born from a deep will to bring joy, fun and colors to charging accessories. It positions itself as an ambassador of fun tech that dares to reinvent the charging device to make it a fully- fledged object away from grim external batteries. Wipop is a mix of fun, beauty and practicality. It’s a tribute to pop-art, fashion and colors. It aims to bring smile, positivity and amazing charging experience to its community of user. Join the Wipop movement.

The spirit of pop-art

What would be Wipop without a fresh reinterpretation of contemporary visual codes? This is precisely the purpose of our Pop & Fashion collections. While the former reshapes our pop art icons, the latter brings femininity to tech accessories. Both of them are offered in four distinct designs that reflect the spirit and meaning of the collection. Colorful, singular and fun, Pop Genius & Pretty Pink are definitely the roots of Wipop.

KEYWI two, keyring portable wireless charger

So Fashion

Who said Tech was boring and dull? Wipop was created to break this cliché. It aims to modernize our vision and our daily use of Tech accessories by turning them into Fashion accessories. The collection plays with fashion must- have, like denim, leopard pattern, neon colors and surprising textures.

KEYWI Premium
Precious and unique styles

Discover our limited editions of KEYWI Premium that combines precious materials, like python and upscale glitter, along with special designs. So Punk Collection allows you to affirm your creative identity with freedom of mind and subversive energy. The collections highlight any look with elegance, audacity and refinement.

KEYWI premium, keyring portable wireless charger
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