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Keyring high capacity charger

Keychain true backup battery inspired by Pop Art, fashion and design, KEYWI plus has a capacity of 15 to 75 hours of additional charging depending on the devices. KEYWI Plus is a wireless power banks with 2 USB ports to charge up to three devices simultaneously. Compact and lightweight.

KEYWI plus, keyring portable wireless charger

Wireless is fun

No wire, no stress but with a lot of style, Wipop brings a spirit of Pop and Fashion to technology, making wireless a new field for creativity. Pushing the limits of innovation while reinterpreting the codes of fashion and art, Wipop gives you fun, high-performance and unique charging objects and turns wireless into a way of life.

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More power, more fun

KEYWI plus is a concentrate of technologies that combine high charging power and a unique design. Its simple and intuitive use gives you the freedom to charge your smartphone and AirPods anywhere and wirelessly with an additional 15 hours of charging capacity for smartphone depending on the devices.

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